Trip To Victor Harbor

on Sunday, March 2, 2008

Although I missed UniSA's trip last week, I was able to grab the last few places to Victor Harbor today, which explains why I did not complain that I'm bored. Hehe... (I personally prefer to use harbour instead of harbor but since I'm in Australia now, it's better to adapt to their spelling as well.^^)

We assembled in front of Yugondi building and departed from City West Campus at about 10.00am. Haha, Australians are punctual. I think we left earlier than the planned time. There was one significant thing about the bus, guess what? The number plate of that bus is actually my birthdate, though I didn't realise it until about 3.30pm.@@

On the way to Victor Harbor, the bus driver briefly explained some landmarks along the way. We passed by some hilly areas but I couldn't really remember their names. But one thing for sure, there is this Mount Baker. The scenery along the way was picturesque!! There were cattle grazing freely on the greenish grassland and beautiful vineyards welcoming us. Hehe... For more information, kindly take a look at my photo album in facebook, some are just undescribable. =P

Before reaching Victor Harbor, we had a brief stopover at McLaren Vale. I did not taste any wine but instead, we spent our time capturing photos!! Hehe...

After about one and a half hour, we continued our journey to Victor Harbor through the regional towns of Willunga and Mount Compass. I was so excited when I saw BEACH!!! Haha... I wanted to visit beaches since a long long time ago, hehe. At first sight, I thought it was going to be a hot day at Victor Harbor and decided to take off my sweater. Unexpectedly, the wind was very strong and cold!!! Cool right, glaring sun + cold wind. =P

We found a less windy place and had our lunch. Pity me, there were neither fish nor chips for me as I brought my own lunchbox, consisting of er... doughnuts. Haha... After lunch, we walked around the town area and I bought myself a hand made dark chocolate!! It was great as I had been thinking of buying one since I reached Australia one week ago. Need not to mention, I love chocolates, especially hand made ones!!

The main attraction at Victor Harbor was the horse drawn tram, basically a tram driven by horse. We didn't take the ride but instead, we walked across to Granite Island. It was a long 30 minutes walk and one of the longest in my life! (Big thanks to the strong wind again.) After much struggle, we reached Granite Island and continued to explore the island by taking the 2.9km Kaiki Trail. There was nothing much on the island except for the scenic view. Photo snapping sessions are on again. =) Besides that, there were actually explanation on how the island was formed and the origin and history of the place. I think the scenery is the one you will never want to miss in South Australia as they are seriously awesome!! Oh yeah, you can actually catch a glimpse of penguins at night if you are lucky enough!

I understand that my post is a brief one as there are too much to write and too much to tell!! Sorry if I left out anything. There is an alternative for you, photos!! Hehe, I have got hundreds over photos taken at Victor Harbor so do spend some time to look at them if you are interested!

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KN Loo said...

i saw ur photos b4 coming thru ur blog..haha..well, it was really fascinating there..n perhaps u enjoyed urself to the maximum b4 starting ur class, erm, 2mr rite? lolz

永恒の星 said...

i didn't knew there are a lot photos awaiting me to see..
a very nice scenery..must get a good camera to take all the photos there~
and important is the car models~ haha..

Jox hOnG said...

Haha. Victor harbor!!! Don't worry. I will go there someday and see the penguins!! I will take a lot of picture to make you envy at that time!!! haahha!

Te Ying said...

KN: yeah, n i indeed enjoyed!

KH: car models? hehehe...

Jox: haha, i wan 2 see penguins!! too bad la, if it's a two days one night trip perhaps i wil hv a chance 2 see them.

永恒の星 said...

car models..u know what i meant..XD