Chem Lab

on Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chemistry practical was indeed FUN!!! First of all, there are a wide range of "fashionable" white boots up for grab at any time if you need one and there are a few lab coats to borrow if you forget to bring yours. Unlike Biological Science practical, it doesn't sound like a punishment, which is so much consolable. ^^

Before we started our first practical, a short movie clip was played in the lab. Personally, I think that the video clip was kinda funny. Haha... The contents of the clip was about safety measure while handling chemicals and working in the laboratory. I wonder how they did it but they somehow recorded a series of disastrous outcomes due to improper handling of chemicals. I assure you, you will feel like laughing if you watch the clip but too bad, nobody was laughing in the lab so... I don't want to be the odd one. =P

I missed one post yesterday as I was busy catching up with homeworks and academic related stuffs. (Which sounded so fishy coz only a small portion of my time was spent on homework.)


Oh yeah, something happened yesterday. I was trying to activate my Visa Debit card but failed after three attempts and my card was retained by the ATM machine. @@ Luckily, I got my card back easily from the teller but I felt so stupid. It was so unbelievable (badly)! Although I admit that I'm not good at remembering things, at least not to the extent of forgetting my own pin number!!! In conclusion, I don't like that bank. They registered my name wrongly and issued a card with a wrong name on it. Not only that, they didn't provide me with sufficient information about their services and so on, which makes me sounded like a fool when I actually need to ask them for my account details. Ahh, I know I'm complaining again. ~End of story~

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KN Loo said...

so unlucky for u..luckily all ur money did nt get lost..lolz

Jox hOnG said...

They did the same thing to me.. And now I am still waiting for my card. So who is more pityful?? haha. I think the teller in the SA bank of king william street will be more friendly!! They even helpped me to open the express saver!! You may have a try if you still need some assistance in dealing with the banking.. Anyway, I am also blur about the account!! :P:P

Jox hOnG said...

Ohya.. About the chemistry lab movie. It is kind of interesting and funny!! It seems so real!! In my prac there is one girl laughed out but she covered her mouth after that. Luckily i just laugh inside my heart.. haha.

Pharmacy??? What is that?? I don't even know what a pharmacy do when i choose this course in my JPA application. What I know about pharmacy is they do something with drugs!! So there are many people just like you. Don't worry! We will know more when we go through the classes.

Anyway, I think you can write both opinion first in your essay. But I would say that pharmacy must have limited prescribing right. Cause if don't, what is the difference between pharmacy and doctor?? haha. Just give you some opinion...

Te Ying said...

yeah, i was thinking of dat too... but act there are arguments against prescribing rights for pharmacists too, it's so confusing =S