on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I thought I finished all the homework for this week.
I thought I can enjoy my short weekend back in Penang.
I thought I don't need to bring any book or paper back to Penang.
I thought I will be happy.

However, to my great dismay, I received one whole set of Chem past years right after I finished my Math papers. What the...

We had all the past years, we had done all the papers.
What we want is not repeating those we-did-before-papers.
What we want is a better explanation, not "discuss with your friends".
What we want is accurate guidance on answering the questions, not copying the answers.
What we want is more lab practices, not theories.
What we want is "Yeah, I have", not "I don't have".

When will "what-we-want" be realised?

Holidays are never enough. Be it one month or one year, they can never satisfy my greed. Yeah, I'm greedy, I crave for more holidays, more time to hang around, more time to watch my favourite drama series, more time to spend with my family, more time to online and more time to do whatever I feel like doing.

I'm lucky. This is what I had been told. Yes, I'm lucky. This is a chance that can seldom be encountered in life. Why worry? Why the sadness when you are alone? Why not? Why yes?

It's now approximately one month and 11 days from A Levels, which is equivalent to 42 days, which means that I have 1008 hours left. If I sleep for 8 hours per day, I have only 672 hours left. Substracting 2 hours everyday for mealtime, I left 588 hours. If I spend one hour dreaming everyday, I have 546 hours left......546 hours is equals to 22.75 days. I can't imagine life like that. More and more time will be deducted if I continue to count. Arghh, face the truth!! TIME IS REALLY RUNNING OUT!!!

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gAlLaRdO said...

hmm..be more optimistic..
life wil nva be perfect as nobody is perfect..
wad u can do is tyrin to perfect ya life..