on Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's freaking HOT now!! I'm talking about the weather, what did you think, duh!

No joke, the sun is flaming hot and the sky is so blue that you will definitely got sunburn if you go under the sun. I had a nap just now and after I woke up, ouchh!! I just don't feel well. Feel like taking a cold water bath but not now, I know I'm going to sweat when I go out later.

Since it's too hot that I couldn't concentrate anymore, I find myself crapping here again. Haha, writing here has becoming my daily routine nowadays, I wonder how long will it last... In fact, my productivity is very low today. Perhaps I'm too boring, perhaps there is still plenty of time left, perhaps I don't care what perhaps is anymore.

I'm not only sick of books, I'm sick of the food here too! Yeah, I'm choosy in terms of food. I just don't like their food. Cultural difference perhaps? Haha... To make matter worse, AUSMAT cafe doesn't have much food either. It's so boring to see fried rice and fried noodles everyday. I wanna go home!!

Okay, continue after dinner. I bought chocolate just now, treating myself better once in a while should be ok. Hehe. Fat? Calories? Ahh, I don't care anymore!

It's just less than one month before my revision ends. I haven't even started my revision yet and in a blink of eye, one week has gone! What did I do? Oh yeah, online, listening to music, sleeping, daydreaming etc. So many things I had done but none of them is of academic concern. By the way, there is a possibility that my revision month may be shorten, I hope so. Since attending Bio class for the last week is optional, I might be going back earlier, hehe. Thinking of it, I really can't wait to go home soon!!!