GCE Timetable

on Saturday, November 10, 2007

Printed out Edexcel's timetable today. It is a long timetable, lasting for approximately one month from 7th Jan 08 till 1st Feb 08. However, glad to say that my exam schedule is way shorter than the actual timetable, from 9th to 28th Jan 08 only BUT the number of days I'm going to sit for exam is only 9 days! Well, how could it lasts for about 3 weeks then? Since every exam is almost the same, it's up to you to guess! =P

I wonder how persevere I will be during the one whole month. I can be very hardworking when time's really running out and every subject comes consecutively. Yep, I rather choose to be hardworking for two weeks and say goodbye to the exam as soon as possible. But sadly, I can only follow the fixed timetable, right?

So, I decided to come back to Penang after the revision month, say for two weeks then only I go back to SA. Hehe, anyway, the duration I'll be back is still tentative as I still couldn't make up my mind but one thing for sure, I'll be back, by hook or by crook!!

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Khang Ning said...

haha..all the best for ur exam la...dn so tense, relax a bit mah..lol..u come back pg boleh kacau u tak?

Joyce said...

I'll kacau u b4 u kacau me, haha...