Across Penang Bridge

on Friday, November 16, 2007

I became a bright light bulb for one evening and night! No no, I should say I became a candle, haha... Candle sounds better. Although it has the same effect as bulb, candle seems to be more respectable, more romantic and more... erm, oh yeah, candle sacrifices itself to illuminate the others. Haha... But in my case, there was no sacrifice being done.

Actually, I went to Sunway Carnival with my cousin, and of course her "friend". It was the first time I went there after its official opening a few months ago. Just like what I had been told before going, it has no difference from other shopping malls, except that it is much smaller than Queensbay Mall. Perhaps I expected too much of it. But the name is somehow "grand", I thought it would be something like Sunway Pyramid, at least. Anyway, to have something like Sunway Carnival is better than nothing too. It houses many retail outlets such as Esprit, PDI, Hush Puppies etc. etc. Pardon me for my forgetfulness.

Moving on, our next destination is Tambun a.k.a seafood hunt. It had been 5 months since I last went there. For a few hours, I completely forgot about calories and fat! The only thing that appeared in my mind was EAT. Later, we went to Auto City. The first impression it gave me was erm... a bigger version of E-Gate. Again, there were many restaurants and cafes. Interestingly, Penang International Lantern Festival is being held there. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to visit it but I managed to grab a few photographs of the outside view. It was the first time I feel that Hello Kitty is sweet. =P
Hello Kitty standing on the bridge
A closer look, splendid!
My cousin and I

It's me, together with Kitties, hehe...

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Khang Ning said...

wah...nt bad ya...haha..i oso nvr been to sunway carnival its a good thing for those teenagers in seberang perai least they gt some better complex to hang out d..besides autocity..haha