on Sunday, November 25, 2007

I was caught by that stupid guard AGAIN just now!

Apalah, sekarang ni 2007 atau 1957? 50 tahun merdeka dah, teknologi canggih, komunikasi canggih, apa pun nak canggih, sayang sekali, minda TERTUTUP!

They want us to learn Theology and Philosophy, we learned. They taught us that we need to be open minded as closed minded will lead to decline of a civilisation. And we learned. BUT, it seems that theory and practical aren't the same.

Somebody tell me please, is wearing a T-shirt and long pants indecent? This cannot; that cannot, next time just come out with a rule making baju kurung compulsory everyday for every occassion! Stupid authority, whoever sets the rules, and whoever implements them.

Is wearing what so important? As long as it's neat and decent, I don't think there's any problem. Moreover, wearing a T-shirt that fits you is 100 times neater than wearing an XXL T-shirt! And recently, I saw a notice informing the dressing code for some kind of dinner. Oh great, no sleeveless blah blah blah. The easiest way out is --- just write wear baju kurung lah!

Baju kurung --- kurung yourself!

I swear, I'm not going to follow the stupid rules and regulations the day I leave INTEC. I'm not going to wear long sleeves! I will proudly announce to the stupid guard that "SAYA BUKAN PELAJAR INTEC!"

4 footprints:

Khang Ning said...

pity college still hv to follow dress code even nt sch time..haha..nvm la, bear a few months n freedom awaits

永恒の星 said...

going to leave intec d oso..
learn to bear with tat stupid guard..

Joyce said...

haha, yep!! I can't wait to leave INTEC d!!! i guess nobody wil like it anyway..

cucumber girl said...

wah...why so scary one? =.=""""