on Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm here
I need to study
I need to make it

Laziness is striking me
Boredom is killing me off


Nothing shall stop me from concentrating
I'm going to STUDY hard
The smart way
I'm going to live my life
To the fullest

I know it's hard
I know it's full of rocks and stones
I know it's not gonna be a bed of roses
I know that hurdles are ahead

I'm learning...

Like a diamond
I'm determined
But not dogged
Like an erythrocyte
I'm flexible
But not losing my identity
Like a xerophyte
I will survice
In hostility

I'll be selected for
I come, and
I conquer!

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Lutacia said...

Wah.. Haha.. Its scary to see Bio terms in poems..