on Saturday, November 17, 2007

PS: If you don't want your holiday mood to be affected by my crappy post, don't read.

At this time tomorrow, I will be on my way back to Shah Alam.

Why do I need to go back when everyone else is coming back?
Why do I need to study when the others are enjoying holiday back in their hometowns?
Why can't I do the stupid revision at home?
What is the point of repeating those past years that we had done before?
Why must you, INTEC deprive me of my time at home?
Why must it be compulsory but not optional?
Why must I be so pessimistic?
Why is ME???

I'm sad. I'm demolarised. I'm growing more melancholy every hour.

The NS list is up. And my bro got the 2nd batch. What to study, what to study? This seems to be the biggest problem that I faced two years ago. Sometimes, not everything can be expressed here. But what I can say is I truly understand the difficulties in making decision. Whether you had decided or not, there will certainly be objections. There are just too many things to be cared for. This is no good, that is bad. You will ended up being a nobody and so on. Okay, okay, that's enough. A moment of silence please.

What I want to see is evidence.
What I want to hear is maturity of thoughts.
What I want to know is not who who who study this and ended up being that.
What I want to listen is not this aunty her son studies this, and that aunty her daughter studies that.
What I want is: CONFIRMATION

Alright, adults know better. They are more experienced. They can read your mind. They know what you want. They will lead you to a better future! If you don't listen to them, you wil regret in the future. If you DO listen to them, you can't blame them in the future. But if you DON'T listen to them, they will blame you in the future.

I'm not talking about me. I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about NO ONE.

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Lutacia said...

Wah.. I feel the flame.. Chill..

gAlLaRdO said...

tun..calm down..
u hv been to kl..
u hv learnt that life's complicated..
u hv to learn to accept all these..
u hv to accept the truth that i'll be spending 3.5months at pg..
so..think optimistically k..
all da best..

Khang Ning said...

erm...i dn think i shud rub salt on ur wound by telling u i wil hv a v long holiday after tuesday...
anyway, dn wry so much ya!! when u bored sure can find me in msn to kacau me, gv u privilege for tat..erm, except the first week la, cos...u noe la...hv to spend time wif my FRENZ mah..haha
cheer up!!

Joyce said...

thx ppl! at least im feeling better now. =P