No More "P"!

on Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've my first Malaysian Driving Licence!! And the word "probationary" no longer appears on my driving licence!!!

Two years, oh God! It was like yesterday when I first got my driving licence. Haha... The first time I was driving on the road holding a learner's licence, it was a mixture of excitement and nervous. Moving on, the first time I was driving on the road with my probationary driving licence, it was a rainy day, heavy rain and everyone in the car was so terrified! Ahaha... Luckily there weren't anyone with weak heart.

The reason why I like Penang so much is because I can drive back at here! Nonetheless, my previous encounters with public transport in Shah Alam was a complete disaster!

Firstly, it was the taxi. Although there are a couple of honest taxi drivers, mind you! Most of them are unethical taxi drivers. The latter will charge you like mad as if their petrol is made of gold! Not only that, their attitudes show that Moral Education is a waste of time! Well, most of them don't study Moral. =P

Secondly, it's our infamous commuter - packed like sandwich during peak hours and they are never punctual!

Thirdly, buses. There was once when I was on board a bus with malfuctioned air conditioner. Pratically I think that it has no difference from a hot oven! To make matter worse, the bus was packed with passengers so many that you can hardly move. Everyone was sweating but the bus stopped for approximately half an hour by the roadside, leaving all the passengers waiting. I bet many will suffer from oxygen depletion if the situation continues.

What to do? We have got one of the best highways in Southeast Asia!!! =P

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Khang Ning said...

mine would be another 1 my driving experience..erm..i think u all shud noe mention d..
well, public transport in kl, so so la...haha, anyway, petrol is more worth than gold now..