Happy Or Sad?

on Thursday, November 15, 2007

My enjoyable holiday is going to end soon but at the same time, it's the start of my fellow course mates' long long holiday. How sad... So so so unfair!!

I'm going back to SA soon, this time alone. Argh!! This adds to my nostalgia. Moreover, I'm going to spend the one whole month alone. Where's my roommate??! Of course, I will not be alone if we need to move to Cemara. But again, I'm reluctant to do so. Akasia is better, although not much. First of all, the wireless signal is better. At least I can online at the balcony. Secondly, all the furniture in my unit is first-hand. I can't imagine myself sleeping on a pillow somebody you don't know had slept on before, yuckss!! Thirdly, my books!! My God!! I have so many books, so heavy, how am I going to move them all the way to Cemara?!

I wanna go back to SA, NOT!!! And I want to move to Cemara, NOT!!!

3 footprints:

Lutacia said...

Come 'ere!! Lotsa space for you!!

Khang Ning said...

y ur course mates hv long long holiday bt u dn hv one ler?
anyway, nvm la..i wil be v free to chat wif u on9..lol..as i hv a long long holiday oso...

Joyce said...

lutacia: u sponsor me ticket 2 canada ya.
KN: coz they r having end-of-sem holiday... 2 months like i used 2 have last time.