Believe It Or Not?

on Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally, I tried the newly opened Pak Li Kopitiam today. Some of the food are not bad I guess, but the prawn mee that I tried is still different from Penang's. Of course Penang one is better!! =P

Oh yeah, I missed an entry yesterday. Yesterday was initially a nice day. No homework, nothing to do too since I had finished cleaning the day before. In fact, I was enjoying myself in the room. Music, chatting etc. However, the news that we need to move (AGAIN!) turned me down completely!! What the??? Blah blah blah... Somebody says this, somebody says that... Whatever!

There we were, at the Cemara office. The officer came and started his "speech". Do... Re... Mi... Fa... So... La... Ti... Do... Ti LaSoFaMiReDo!!! Ok ok, clearance!!


We just settled down one day ago and now they asked us to move again?! Right, we can't do anything. Pn. Rita was on leave and En. Hassan was away at Kinabalu. We were inferior. SO,
"Hooray!! Move!!!" (Please don't misunderstand, I wasn't happy with that.)

We did clearance and handed in our keys. With the new keys, we went to "visit" our new hostel. The first thing that came into our sights was the toilet. OMG! I was out of adjective to describe it but according to Zhi Hui, it looked like kopitiam's toilet. Haha... The second thing that I thought of was the bed. Ehh, why the bed and pillow were grey in colour?! AhhHH!! How come?

That night, I lied on my bed thinking... I never know that I was so lucky to stay in a newly renovated unit until yesterday. Suddenly, all complaints and dissatisfaction are gone. In one night, I learned to appreaciate my current unit, new bed, new pillow, new table, new chair, new cupboard... Practically everything was new!

A dramatic change happened today.


Luckily, everything is now over... Thank God!

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Khang Ning said...

so...there has been a few turning points, tis clearly reflects the efficiency of government related policy..haha..anyway, u missed the chance to be near to my cousin noe u try hard to push the previous blog downwards wif those comment bt here we go again!! haha

Joyce said...

yeah, luckily d final decision is a favourable 1, hehe... near or nt near also d same la, no point sacrificing my own gud 4...

gAlLaRdO said...

hmm try to be more positive..
dis is life..(ren1 sheng1 ma3)

Joyce said...

Yep, Im trying 2 be!! Hehe... Be patient for another 2 months and I can say goodbye to SA d!!!