on Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life is a never ending marathon. I was a bird without wings during A Levels. Soon, wings grew but I was caught and trapped in a cage for five days. Eventually, the day I had been awaiting for arrived, I regained my FREEDOM! I’m flying high, and crying in joy that I, FINALLY, am free! However, it did not last long as things started to become complicated and unresolvable for me. Sigh!

What do you expect me to do after finishing an exam I had been waiting for since two years ago? Throw away all the books, jumping and shouting like there’s no tomorrow? Or hang out till midnight, forgetting about the hostel’s curfew? Anything, but I’m sure you will never expect the actual scenario I had after exam. RUSH, it’s the word. The last paper ended at 8.00pm and we had to pack our things and attend BTN at 8.45pm. No time for celebration, no time to bid farewell properly with my housemates, nothing.

I’m sorry I did something I didn’t understand why I did it in LDK 1. I just don’t like people to ask about my family. I think I screwed up the whole introduction about myself. Alright, I will tell you if I feel like telling but don’t ask me okay? I don’t like to lie but I don’t like to tell people about my family either. Anyhow, I found myself feeling guilty for not telling the truth. Sincerely, I’m sorry.

I thought I could find myself a brief rest after BTN. God knows, there are too many things to be done in such a short time, racing against time I would say. I wonder how many trips I need to make to KL or Shah Alam in order to get my visa done. I need information! But nobody can give me a correct one. Too many things happened in these few days and at the same time, I learnt a lot.

I want to forget, everything about visa and medical checkup! I want to embrace myself in this festive season; I want to feel the euphoria, the atmosphere. I don’t want to shrug my shoulder when I hear CNY songs thinking that, oh yeah, CNY, so what, I can only come home a few hours before CNY. What the hell is going on?!

3 footprints:

Khang Ning said... down...things wil settle down eventually..
wish u HAPPY CNY !!!

Anonymous said...

at least you get to spend it at home! i'd give anything to balik rumah. (and never come back to this shitty depressing gloomy place)

and Hello! :o)

Joyce said...

Happy CNY!!
erm, finally I get to come bac one day b4 CNY without getting my things done... well, i cant get them done too even if i stay in SA...
And hello hui sien, dun feel bad, cheer up!!=)