on Sunday, February 17, 2008

I had my farewell yesterday. It was approximately one and a half year after I had one before going to Shah Alam. The same people, same venue, and almost the same kind of food too! Oh yeah, a very big thank you to KH who gave me a handmade farewell card. Hehe, I'm touched. Also, thanks to those who gave me ang pows and presents. Oh yeah, and thanks to those who sent me wishes too. Glad that you guys still remember me, hehe... Besides that, my appreciation to BX who told me a lot of infos about Adelaide and helped me with some of the packings.

When I was five, I wish that I can reach the sky. Seeing aeroplanes flying across the sky was something amazing and new for me.
When I was nine, I boarded plane for the first time. My mum told me that I was lucky because they don't get to travel by air at such a young age. ^^
When I was fifteen, I hoped that I can grow up faster. I hoped that I'm an adult, not a teen anymore. Full of energy I was, too much confidence I had, I strove for everything I thought I could achieve.

At the age of twenty, when I finally am going to leave Malaysia, when I finally am going to Australia, I feel the other way round. Humans, (or me?) are all these while contradicting. Funny I am.

Till then, take care my friends! =)

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KN Loo said...

take care too, my fren..
dn forget to keep in touch o!
i supposed u r in kl, either lcct or klia right now..haha..

永恒の星 said...

Oh yeah, a very big welcome to TY who thanked me for the card.
Hehe, I'm happy for doing that.
You are my friend..
wish u good luck and all the best for your life at Adelaide..
keep in touch..

Te Ying said...

Hey, I reached Adelaide and m partially settled down for now!!
I just got internet connection in my apartment today but haven try it out yet. Meanwhile, Im online at uni com lab, hehe..
btw, everything is fine tho im having some problems wif subject enrolment... ^^