Happy New Year!

on Monday, December 31, 2007

Joyce’s New Year’s Resolutions
1. To be more confident, i.e. not easily influenced by others into doing things that she doesn’t like.
2. To be more disciplined.
3. To be industrious, besides working smart.
4. To read more.
5. To pay more attention on global news.
6. To improve her verbal skills.
7. To be a better person on a whole

The sorriest thing Joyce had done on herself is to cut her hair short!

A Flash of The Past

Joyce started her journey in 2007 with much anticipation. Finishing her second and third semester in INTEC means that she’s going to leave INTEC soon! No doubt, she is happy but at the same time, she thinks she will miss her fellow friends in INTEC. Thanks for accompanying Joyce through thick and thin, and all the best for the coming semester.

All in all, Joyce’s academic performance in INTEC was acceptably okay throughout the year, except for the miraculously good results in trials due to lenient markings.

Generally, there isn’t any significant event that happened in Joyce’s history of 2007. By hard, Joyce learned the ugly truth about humans. Joyce knows that sometimes words are deceiving. Joyce knows that nobody is perfect, even the once she thinks perfect guy isn’t that perfect after all. =P

After pondering, Joyce made up her mind not to detest Shah Alam so much anymore. Hehe. Please take note, this is a 0.001% probability yet it happened! Initially, Joyce thought that she would never like Shah Alam, never ever but after staying there for one and a half year, Joyce thinks that staying there is actually not too bad. ^^ Since she’s staying there, she has to live happily. Whether she likes it or not, she still needs to go on with life.

In conclusion, 2007 was a smooth and steady year for Joyce.

A Look into the Future

Most probably Joyce will be going to Australia next year. Joyce says most probably because she is waiting for confirmation from both UniSA and JPA. If everything goes according to plan, Joyce will be leaving Malaysia very soon. She is rather sad about this but at the same time, Joyce knows that she should be happy.

But before that, Joyce needs to sit for an important exam in 2008 and makes sure that she passes the exam with flying colours. Could she do it? Well, hopefully. ^^

Joyce has no idea how life is going to be in 2008. It’s only a few hours before 2008 anyway. Happy new year everyone!

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Khang Ning said...

who is tat perfect guy ah? lol..
wish u all the best for everyth in 2008!!

Joyce said...

haha, n u too! wish u all d best in 2008!!
dat perfect guy was a guy i thought was perfect, he's..... YOU know la...

Khang Ning said...

do u wan me to mention his name here again? haha..i guess all ur blog viewers r v interested in this issue o..hoho

Joyce said...

happy new year KN, i think u wil wan 2 hv a peaceful new year, haha...

Joyce said...

happy new year KN, i think u wil wan 2 hv a peaceful new year, haha...