Genting Trip

on Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally, I have the time to sit down and blog. Apparently, this is a rather late entry. After ending the "sit down and squeeze your brain juice" session, I decided to give myself a break and proceed to the last task on my list for today - blogging.

So, we will get straight to the main ideas now. Genting trip was a two days-one night vacation I had this year. Reasons? To relax ourselves, of course. Besides that, I think I had never been on a trip before with my friends in INTEC. Not those overnight ones. So far, I missed the Redang trip for a mobile phone which turned out to be a thrilling and amazing trip. Also, I didn't make it to Cameron Highlands for reasons that I had forgotten. See, I regretted, especially for being absent from the Redang trip.

It was not totally right to say that I was completely on a vacation mood to Genting. Well, partly it was due to the fact that I had been wasting too much time enjoying my revision month rather than studying. Combining all the teeny weeny factors that are not worth mentioning, my rate of pleasure had been reduced.

The journey started off well. Although the initial taxi driver that we called did not turn up, we managed to get one outside with reasonable price. As we reached the KTM station, a train had just arrived. Quickly, I flashed my "touch n go" card and ran all the way to the train, rushing up the stairs like a mad girl, hoping that I could catch the train. BUT... Guess what? The door closed before me and the train sped away in front of my eyes! In spite of that, we were still lucky to reach KL central on time. In fact, we were early.

Here we go, starting our journey to Genting by "Go Genting" bus. The bus, okay I guess, didn't expect much of a RM3.30 fared bus. Anyway, it was still acceptably comfortable. There, we met a woman, I guess she was at her sixties. A chatty woman I would say. And for the rest of the journey, I was deprived of my precious sleeping time, not even a short nap that I could get.
"Last time my daughter..."
"Last time my son..."
"My son is an engineer, my daughter is a doctor, my youngest daughter is studying at MU..."
(Please note that I'm not responsible for the accuracy of facts written, as I was too sleepy to pay any extra attention on what she was talking about.)

Continuing with my Genting trip, the skyway wasn't too crowded when we reached. Within minutes, we successfully boarded a purpish painted gondola. The view outside was still the same, not much difference from the last time I went to Genting, except for thicker mist, a cold day ahead.

We did some window shopping before lunch while waiting to check-in. No doubt, we are staying at First World Hotel. Later in the afternoon, there was drizzle. I wonder if it was a continuation from the morning or it started in the afternoon. Be it the former or latter, obviously luck was not at our sides. Gone our plan to conquer the outdoor theme park. The rest of the afternoon was spent at indoor theme park and messing around in the hotel. Too bad.

Night time was happy hours for Zhi Hui and Johnson as they managed to enter the casino. (Proven that I look young as I was chased out by the guards) It seemed that the others had their own businesses to do that night too. Hooi Lie watched a performance at Arena of Stars while Chuen Lu watched TV in the hotel room. Pity me, I resorted to online at Starbucks. At midnight, we gathered back and enjoyed the serenity of the night. It was quiet, peaceful and of course, COLD!! After some photo shooting sessions, I found myself wet - hair, clothes are all damp. After that, we had our last activity for the day, supper at McD. I wonder how many fries I had eaten and HELP ME PLEASE, it was so late at night!! At about 1.30am, we were back to the hotel. There, we watched an episode of HK drama series and chatted before hitting the sack. It was around 3am when everyone started to fall asleep.

The next morning was time to fulfill the shopaholic side of myself. A few hours were granted for shopping but I only bought a jacket for myself, nothing more. Again, flying coaster was closed today due to weather conditions. *Fated* I couldn't really write out what I did for the rest of the day before heading down. Loitering around I guess. For this, I really need to "praise" myself for being so forgetful. Thanks to last minute packing, I carelessly left my swim suit in the hostel. As a result, I can only see people swimming, not myself of course. =.="

At about 5.30pm, we left Genting for Shah Alam. Unfortunately, the RM3.30 "Go Genting" bus was sold out and we had no choice but to take a cab back to KL central. And the price was approximately 5 times that of a bus!! (My pocket was weeping...) 16 bucks + class dinner at Chicken Hartz = one 50 bucks note fled away!

On a whole, the Genting trip was an enjoyable one, though I wasted another two days without studying. At least, I can be freed from the build-up pressure of exams, freed from books and the unpredictable weather of Shah Alam. It was tired but worth all the effort. ~Cheers~

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Khang Ning said...

too bad u dn go themepark la..haha..i still think tat my genting trip is more fun n more u gt christmas decoration...

Joyce said...

of course la, u celebrated ur bday there... haha...

Johnson said...

Ohhhh... Just don't mention christmas tree in front of Joyce... Not at all...