A Brief Update

on Friday, December 14, 2007

It's end of sem now, which means that I'm done with classes in INTEC and ALM block!! ~Cheers~
On the other hand, it also means that A Levels is getting closer. ~Sigh~
It's the course of nature right? Life's its peaks and troughs, so do things that are happening around us. If A Levels don't come, how am I suppose to "graduate" from INTEC? If A Levels don't come, how can I bid goodbye to Shah Alam?

If A Levels don't come, how are the others (ZM, see this!) going to sit for the exam in June next year? Haha...

Finally, I've a short holiday after revision month. No doubt it's a short, packed and stressful holiday. As you can see from the countdown timer, it's less than one month from 9th Jan 08. What a good date!

So people, I'm back in Penang!! This is what KN asked me to do, write a blog to tell people that I'm back!! =P

PS: More posts are coming up, especially the one about Genting trip, only if I have time to do so. Keep anticipate!

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Khang Ning said...

u sure got time to write blogs, dont u? haha..at last ur time in shah alam is ending d, excited? happy? haha..no doubt abt tat..after ur exam u r goin to Australia d...haha...all the best!

Lutacia said...

GAMBATTE!! PIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!