Go Go Go!

on Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This is the nth time I'm sneezing today.
I can do nothing but to sleep.
BUT after waking up I feel terrible again.
I've severe headache which can only be controlled for a while using panadol.
I thought today would be better but it's just the same.
Tissue papers are piling up in my wastepaper basket.
Oh my, I'm sacrificing so many trees...
Although excessive mucus is blocking my nose, I can still know that YOU YOU, smoker, YOU are out there, outside my window!
I hate smokers.
I'm so sick of all these, when will these going to end?

I still couldn't finish studying Unit 1 Biology although I had started it yesterday.
Most importantly, I don't know what was I reading...
They just couldn't go into my mind.

Go Go Go sickness!

3 footprints:

Khang Ning said...

then why still u blog? haha..suddenly bcom environmental conscious d...

Joyce said...

i can do anything except studying? yea, i think so...
btw, d reason i blog a lot lately is bcoz... er, dun really noe.
waste time perhaps, lolz... eh, update ur blog la!

Khang Ning said...

i hv nth special to talk abt ler..so mah dn blog lo