I'm Feeling Better

on Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm feeling better now!! Hahaha... It simply feels great!
Why great? So that I could update my blog? Or so that I could study? ^^
I hope it's the latter one.

Yesterday, I went to a clinic at Bayan Baru. I have been going there since 10 years ago, back when I was still in primary school. But recently, everything seems to change. They darken. It's sad to see that. I'm hoping that Penang is still the old Penang in my heart, can it be?

By the way, do you know how doctors in SA treat patients? It seems that everyone can be doctors in SA. Bewildered? Oh don't, it's just a fact. It's more like you treating yourself rather than they treating you. They can give wrong medicines, wrong dosage and so on, they are just not professional.

The country is changing,
Everything is darkening,
As this continues,
Our future will be dimmed,
Oh yeah,
This is how we should progress.

Slowness is our culture,
Procrastination is our tradition,
We don't need to change,
Because we are who we are.
This is our custom, our speciality,
We should be proud of them!

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Khang Ning said...

wah..why ur blog suddenly so abnormal..haha..nt lik ur usual blog who jz talk abt urself n ur life..tis time talk abt the country n future pula...

Joyce said...

haha,coz nth 2 talk abt myself...