What I've Been Up To Lately

on Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm running out of inspiration lately. Well, can't believe that I actually went to Gurney for three days consecutively. If you want me to find an adjective to describe, I think I can say that I'm "sien" of going Gurney now. Haha... Anyway, I don't think I will be going anymore till end of this week. =P

My revision is progressing... Not to say well, but still at an acceptable pace. Guess this is the first time lazy Joyce is studying that much during holiday. *Praising myself* But sadly, the pile of "Haven't Studied" books is still higher than "Have Studied" books. Fine fine, I think I should work harder.

Just got to know that BTN is from 29th Jan 08 to 3rd Feb 08, WHICH MEANS THAT i can come back to Penang on 3rd as well!! Hahaha... Well, I don't know what time will the camp end but I don't care, I'm going back on the 3rd!!! I will frantically start my packing on 28th Jan 08 and on 3rd Feb, I will rush home immediately after BTN!! Oh yeah, I do LOVE 28th Jan. Haha, it's the day I'm finishing my A Levels exam. It's the day I will officially gain my FREEDOM! Hooray!!! Oh no, I'm getting excited.

Oh yeah, I really don't like this. I lost my font! Questions arising? The story started here, I don't know exactly what happened but I just couldn't restore my original font in Windows Live. I tried to reinstall twice but my hope shattered when the typewritter-like font appeared on the screen. Seriously, I don't know how long do I have to bear with this I-am-not-so-fond-of font. Every possible effort known was tried but to no avail. *Sad* Anyone has got any idea?

I changed my blog template a few days ago. Wondering why? Suddenly the thought of simplicity came into my mind, so there it is --- a white background, and it's a stretch one. Hehe. Yeah, I think that it's easier to read a stretch one and I had always wanted to change the layout. So, there it goes...

And finally, I watched Enchanted today. Indeed a dream come true childhood story having a rather unbelievable ending. Haha... But I think it's no longer suitable for me, reality has no fairy tale, just like what Robert Philip says. =P Anyway, the songs are nice. Disney is producing movies with good songs!

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