Everything Starts Now

on Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm going back to Shah Alam.
No extra sadness this time, but still there is the usual post-holiday and pre-Shah Alam syndrome. ^^
Come on, this will be the last time, and in fact, the last month I'm going back!

Needless to say, most good students are back at there since a long time ago. I wonder how much they had studied. HOWEVER, I don't regret for coming back COZ I had a good time back at home besides spending quality time with friends and family! =)

It's worth noting that although I'm bringing my laptop back this time, my internet subscription ends on 8th Jan 08, which also means that I won't be able to online so much after that. Who would anyway? My exam starts on 9th Jan 08!

不知不觉,三个星期就这样过去了。是时候继续加油了!! ^^

I'm BACK! Back to Shah Alam.

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Khang Ning said...

haha..i think u oso fully enjoy n utilise ur holiday d la...
so tis time go back finish everyth then it's the day u hv been awaiting since 2 years ago...cheer for urself!!