Out Of Nothing

on Monday, April 14, 2008

Woke up late AGAIN today,
checked the time, oops 9.30am!!
Thinking, "never mind lah, holiday what..."
Kicked off the day with plain white bread and hot Milo.
Turned on my laptop and I was officially glued to the chair.
Daydreamed until 11.00am before realising that I haven't wash my presoaked clothes,
I never knew that the cleaner is coming today...
Praying while trying hard to wash them as fast as I could,
Phew!! Finally I managed to settle everything before they came.
Oh yeah, how about lunch??
I thought I had say, 10 minutes before the cleaner came.
Sandwich? Ahhh, suddenly remembered that I had some spirals left in the fridge!
Haha, luckily...
Spent the next few minutes heating up the spirals and yep, it was my lunch.
30 minutes, yeah, you're right, the cleaner spent 30 minutes only to clean the kitchen and bathroom! FANTASTIC!!!
Next, STUDY!!!
PS: Don't like the feeling of being left out, don't like not being told of something that's happening out there... This was what I meant yesterday. If you don't understand this, never mind... Coz it's not meant for you to understand. =P (It's for me to understand and not for you to find out though, if you haven't already understood.) Never mind though, if no one understands... *am a little disappointed*
Felt really happy that finally there's someone who can read my mind, haha... Hmm, again, you may not understand this, I think no one will anyway.