on Thursday, June 5, 2008

So everyone, I'm here to announce that I had DONE my presentation!! And yes, it marks the end of Communication In Health for this semester!! Woohooo!!!
"Should pharmacists have limited prescribing rights?"
Well, I have been puzzled for a very long time before I started my essay. From finding information to writing the essay and presenting my topic, I learned a lot. To be honest, I wasn't sure of diagnosis, prescribing and dispensing until I wrote this essay. At least I learned something right? Haha...
I always have trouble in presentation though. I tend to get very very nervous, with cold hands and trembling voice at the beginning of a presentation. BUT, I somehow managed to overcome this problem bit by bit. At least I wasn't as nervous as I used to be this time. However... I will certainly forget some information while presenting and I think I was talking rather slow. Hmm, I think I should really start to speak English.
It had been a busy week. Really busy busy, with academic and non-academic stuffs. Hmm, have nothing much to update lately anyway. Till then, see ya!

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