Bloody Janitors

on Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The janitors cleaned my hostel but it's worth noting that the way they clean was rather creepy.

To clean my unit, they need to:
1. "Take without permission" a few packets of my 3 in 1 Milo. (Interestingly, they left 6 packets for me, should I thank them for their kindness?)

2. Accidentally carry my liquid handwash with them. (Maybe they used that to clean my hostel, or maybe they fell in love with my soap, lol!) GERAM! I bought that liquid handwash not long ago!!

3. Rearrange my study table to prove that they came, and "cleaned" my hostel.

4. Knock down the whole stretch of books while trying to move my table. (Once again, this is to prove their presence.)

5. Take some of my things and put them elsewhere. (Nonetheless, they were too eager to show their existence!)

6. Put some of the rubbish that I forgot to throw on my BED! (This is certainly unforgivable.)

7.Step on all the chairs so that we can know what sizes of shoes they wear.

8.Clean the fan unwillingly. (Because of that, they didn't fix the fan well back to its position and the fan is producing unpleasant noise all this while besides protraying certain degree of danger of falling down.)

The only conclusion that I can draw out is that they clean by taking. Other than that, they dirty.

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Khang Ning said... patient for one month..then u wil never see tat room again lo..haha