Stupid Rule

on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For safety reasons, students of INTEC need to:
Wear student card wherever you go, whether you are attending a class or going back to the hostel. (Or you will be forbidden from entering the hostel)

A few weeks ago, a Domino lady came to my unit wanted to sell me Domino Pizza's coupons, which means that she actually bypast the stupid guards and came all the way up to 5th floor. AND ironically, she walked past "Brother Boon" 's house too!

What is the use of implementing rules without enforcement? Anyway, it's still amusing that I was caught today for not wearing student card.

"Dik! Dik!!" (I pretended that I didn't hear and continued walking)

"Apa pasal tak dengar pulak tu!"

"Macam student ke sikap ni?"

"Jika tak da student card tunggu kat luar panggil kawan ambil mari baru boleh masuk!"

"Tak da orang kat hostel macam mana nak ambil student card?"

"Itulah saya kata next time kena bawa student card!"


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Khang Ning said...

haha..rules r meant to be broken!!!
well, in IMU we oso hv to wear our student ID everytime la..if nt will be barred from libarary, lab.....haha