Take a Friend for FREE!

on Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ever wonder what does the title mean? It’s the start of Jetstar’s fifth birthday sale today!

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It happened to be so random, and so unbelievable to me.

As usual, I was sitting at the Caf during my two-hour lunch break, having my lunch and unintentionally browsed through The Advertiser. Out of sudden, I saw the advertisement “Take a Friend for Free!” and immediately, off I went to the computer pools at Playford.

I grabbed myself a computer and began my search. After a few attempts, I managed to make my bookings despite having slower response rate due to the overloaded server.

And yes, I’m 208 days away from home!

Indeed, I am very very very excited. I was so excited that I couldn’t concentrate in the first few minutes of the lecture. What else can be happier than knowing when you will be home?

It really made my day, and good night! :D

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