Land of Hornbill - Kuching Part

on Monday, January 19, 2009

With "Now everyone can fly", I started my journey from Penang to Kuching. It took me approximately two hours to reach Kuching International Airport. I was informed that it wasn't the right time to visit Sarawak as it was hit by flood due to long hours of rain. Luckily, I reached at night and the condition was relieved. Before that, here is a little "history" about my trip. Firstly, there were around 16 of us from West and East Malaysia joining the trip, with different groups of us reaching Kuching at different times on the same day. Most of the time, we travelled either on foot, by shuttle or by hired van.

Generally, Kuching is not much different from cities in West Malaysia, except for its population demographic. In Kuching, you see mostly Chinse and Iban. According to Sarawakians, the city itself is not highly populated as there are many satellite cities around Kuching city to spread out its development, making the city less crowded. Well, it sounds to be a good idea. Also, there are few skyscrapers in Sarawak because it has plenty of land! (That's why I see many greenery before the plane landed.)

We began our city tour the next day, visiting places of interest around the city such as the museum, waterfront, riverside, shopping malls, and most importantly, the prominent "cat landmark" (as you can see from the picture below).

The next day, we visited Sarawak Cultural Village and Damai beach. From its name, you can know that it was all about many ethnic groups in Sarawak and their respective cultures. I guess this is what makes Sarawak so different from other states in Malaysia. We see houses of different ethnic groups, their performances and different types of food. Showing in the picture below is "Rumah Orang Ulu" taken from Sarawak Cultural Village.

On the fourth day, we hired vans to Semonggoh National Park, Jong's Crocodile Farm, Friendship park and etc. Semonggoh National Park houses our country's protected animal - orang utan in its native habitat. (Visitors are not alloewd to make noise when the feeding process was going on.) On the other hand, Jong's Crocodile Farm offer a variety of crocodile and other animals such as bear, owl, ostrich and many more. Our next stop - friendship park is an interesting one. It is built to represent the friendship between Malaysia and China. There was a big statue of Cheng Ho and Chinese influenced architecture in the park. The environment was serene.

It's all for Kuching part, with Sibu part coming soon. :D

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