on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yesterday was hot, but today is even hotter.
I went for a jog in the evening yesterday but it didn't turn well.
Usually I will jog all the way along Torrens river but I didn't do that for yesterday.
It was too hot, and the air was too dry that I can hardly breathe.
Now I realise the cons of staying in a seasonal country. During winter, it will be too cold for outdoor activities and during summer, you will get sun burn if you expose your skin for too long under the sun. I wonder how they can actually sunbathe on the beach... This is just... impossible for me.
I had a short trip to Gleneg a few days ago and guess what, my complexion has darken one tone and there is a clear distinct between areas covered wif clothes and those without.

Exam is just just just around the corner.
The best part comes after exam. I'm heading home!!!

**I am craving for food, besides being addictive to chocolates.**

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