on Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A totally annoyed week so far.
I had Chemistry test on Monday, which I don't think will turn out to be very well.
Flu symptoms since last Friday started to develop: sore throat, headache, runny nose, and finally irritating cough. T.T
I guess it's due to the weather that many people get sick nowadays.
I am wondering whether I should wake up early for Bio lecture in the morning, I'm so lazy...
Anyway, I can still attend the lecture on Friday if I do not attend the one on tomorrow, I'm not skipping class. =P
I have enormous emotional change lately. Sigh.
What else?
Oh yeah, I'm going to Royal Adelaide Show this Saturday, which burns away AUD12.60 from my pocket. And I'm planning a visit to Harbor Town on Sunday, besides badminton in the morning. Full load again. XoXoXo
To some extent, I'm still left out. Didn't keep up to date in the lectures yet.
Good news, I'm nearer to Malaysia, to Penang!!!

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