Lonely Keyboard

on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yesterday was the first time I played my piano after more than one month. Being "neglected" since I was in Shah Alam, she is now dust-covered.

I can still remember how she had accompanied me through my school years. Yeah, one of my best companions, somehow... You play with all of your heart, and you listen to your heart through your own fingers. It sounds nice... No matter how happy you are, or how sad you can be, music can play them all.

It's sad that now I can no longer play my piano everyday, and it seems that everytime I play after a long break, my skills are deteriorating. The once awesome melody was gone, replacing by pauses all over the piece. Arghh! So sad...

Before I forget, yep, my holiday is going to end soon and trial is really just AROUND THE CORNER, 5 days to go. To prevent myself from being "internetaholic" I decided not to bring my laptop back to Shah Alam. Just two weeks and Joyce will be back in action!! =P

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Lutacia said...


Good luck for your exams.. Although you probably won't need it lar.. Wong Te Ying wor.. Don't play play!!